New start with my husband
New start with my husband

New start with my husband

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This book aims to make Muslim women aware of their responsibility as wives and their essential role in the stability and well-being of the Muslim home.

It also aims not only to expose but also and above all to correct the mistakes most often made by wives towards their husbands. We advise wives and sisters who would like to get married soon, who want their married life to be as pleasant as possible and want to make their home a haven of peace and love, to take advantage of the precious advice contained in this book, to may the blissful marriage no longer be a dream or an unattainable goal but a concrete reality and daily happiness ...

So that married life is no longer a routine or an ordeal or a "must" in the life of the Muslim, but rather a path to Heaven and a means to access it by the will of Allah (SAW).

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