My pink Ramadan planner
My pink Ramadan planner

My pink Ramadan planner

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  • Coloring calendar
  • List of objectives for Ramadan (to be completed)
  • 30-day wheel-shaped tracker for events linked to Ramadan (tarawih, night of destiny, Eid, etc.)
  • To do List of things to do before Ramadan to prepare for it (to be completed)
  • A recap of du'as to say during Ramadan (to be completed)
  • 30-day calendar of good deeds (to be completed)
  • List of Sunnan of the Prophet ﷺ (to be completed)
  • Coloring dhikr tracker
  • Tables of the names of Allah taken from the Quran and authentic hadiths (to be completed)
  • 30-day and 20-day Quran Reading Program to check
  • Lists of quick meal ideas for Suhur and Ftor (to be completed)
  • 30-day calendar: one activity per day to do with the children (to be completed)
  • 30 days special Ramadan quiz
  • Zakat al fitr (reminders and measurement calculation table)
  • Program for Eid with an organization sheet for the management and organization of guests, expenses for gifts
  • 30 days of double-sided daily program (to be completed)

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