The keys to the Unknowable "Mafatih Al-Ghayb"

The keys to the Unknowable "Mafatih Al-Ghayb"

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"The knowledge of the Hour is with Allah, it is He who brings down the saving rain and He knows what is in the wombs. And no one knows what will acquire tomorrow, and no one knows in which land he will die” Quran: surah Luqmân, v.34.

These are the keys to the Unknowable that only Allah holds.

However, knowledge of the signs of the end of time, weather forecasts, ultrasounds allowing us to observe the sex of the fetus, the program we set for the next day and the fact that many people do not leave the country where she resides contradict this verse?

So many questions to which clear and reasoned answers are given in this epistle which will not fail to increase and strengthen the believer's faith in Allah.

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