The 40 hadiths An-Nawawî (Blue-Green)
The 40 hadiths An-Nawawî (Blue-Green)

The 40 hadiths An-Nawawî (Blue-Green)

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This book by Imam An-Nawawî is one of the books that have spread widely and enjoyed great popularity among Muslims.

This book contains forty-two Hadiths, Imam AnNawawî brought together the important points of the religion affecting both the fundamental principles -al-usûl- and practical applications -al-furû'-, he said about his pamphlet: "Each Hadith it contains is a fundamental rule of religion, some scholars have described these Hadiths as being the hub of Islam, some said they represent half of religion, others one-third of religion, as well as other qualifiers of this kind ”.

It is truly a blessed book, for which Allah has decreed the popularity and expansion.

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