The little novel of al-Quds: Jerusalem in Islam

The little novel of al-Quds: Jerusalem in Islam

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Blessed from the heavens and honored by the presence of so many men loved by the One, al-Quds is fundamental in the history, geography and dogma of Islam, inseparable from the soul of the Umma and of Muslim identity, inscribed in golden letters in the hearts and minds of believers. And what can we say about the sacredness, the virtues and the merits of its sublime esplanade of al-Aqsâ, the first qibla of Muslims, the second house of Allah on Earth, the third holy mosque to which the believer is invited to travel?

Land of the Prophets, the pious, the truthful and the martyrs, a place of pilgrimage, adoration and proximity to the Divine for all peoples, this sacred metropolis of humanity has almost always occupied a place of choice on the world stage. its religious and geopolitical importance has made it the ambition of the greatest kings and conquerors of all eras. Subject to all the vicissitudes of time, its history has also been inseparable, since time immemorial, from a supreme ideal built on a double foundation that is both spiritual – absolute monotheism – and earthly – justice. It is these fundamental values ​​of piety and righteousness that the greatest sovereigns of al-Quds have personified and materialized, and which made it, during its golden ages, one of the most beautiful beacons of virtues, from the era of the prophet-kings of the sons of Israel to that of the rightly guided caliphs, and beyond.

It is therefore an epic of four thousand years of history that this little novel by al-Quds aims to narrate: from the family of Ibrahim to the present day, an extraordinary gallery where you will meet, at the bend of the alleys of Jerusalem , Dâwud and Suleymân, Babylon and the Pharaohs, 'Issâ and Rome, 'Umar ibn al-Khattâb and Byzantium, Salah ad-Dîn and the crusaders, Ottomans and Mamluks, and many others...

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