The Quran Journal, study by surah - Tine edition
The Quran Journal, study by surah - Tine edition
The Quran Journal, study by surah - Tine edition
The Quran Journal, study by surah - Tine edition

The Quran Journal, study by surah - Tine edition

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The Quran Journal, a valuable tool for studying the Quran from your own notes and reflections. This notebook is the ideal place to centralize your study of the Quran. 

For anyone who wants to apply the journaling method and immerse themselves in the study of the Quran, the Quran Journal is a great way to get started. It offers valuable resources and is a great way to understand the Quran and improve your knowledge of the words of Allah.

It will allow you to take notes, record your thoughts and centralize your research concerning the different interpretations and meanings of the Koranic verses . The Quran Journal makes it easier for you to study the holy book thanks to a simple methodology. It allows you to map out your definitions, explanations and ideas. It provides you with a coherent and organized structure during your learning process, inviting you to explore avenues and take notes.  

This notebook offers a simple and concise method of sheets to complete. In fact, it is designed in a journal format with clear pages to fill in and free note spaces to add comments and information.

The Tine edition of the Koran Journal is a version which dedicates the study of the Quran by surah. Here you will therefore study the surah in its entirety. First you will choose a surah to study. Then you will complete the first fields with numerical information concerning the surah such as the number of verses, words etc... But also everything concerning its order in the Koran and in the revelation.

A to do list is present to quickly visualize your progress on the organization of your study. You will then move on to the fields concerning the surah, such as its context, its benefits and the themes covered. Then your personal touch, such as your thoughts, your favorite verse, and finally the free notes pages to detail and centralize your searches. 

You will be able to study 16 surahs in this notebook. You will need 7 notebooks to study the entire Quran.

Start your spiritual journey through the Quran today with the Quran Journal by It Was Your Faith.

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