Death and life in the grave
Death and life in the grave

Death and life in the grave

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The book you have in your hands is taken from a reference work by Imâm Al-Qurtubî which is “At-Tadhkira fî ahwâl al-mawtâ wa-umûr al-âkhira” (dealing with death, the grave , the Last Day, Paradise, Hell, signs of the end of times and everything related to the afterlife).

This work sheds light on death and life in the grave as described by God in the Quran and by his prophet (saw) in the authentic Sunnah. A very large number of details that are not found in other works allow us to understand this subject in a more exhaustive way...

Quranic verses and hadiths translated into French are also cited in vocalized Arabic.

About the Author :

Imâm Al-Qurtubî is the best-known scholar in the history of Cordoba (Qurtuba) during the period of Muslim Andalusia.

Al-Qurtubî left essential works. His Exegesis of the Koran (tafsîr) entitled “Al-Jâmi' li-ahkâm al-Qur'ân” is his main work, it goes beyond the books of the same specialty and is therefore a reference in the subject.

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