Tips for Muslim Women
Tips for Muslim Women

Tips for Muslim Women

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Author: Umm 'Abdillah Al Wadi'iyya (Daughter of Sheikh Muqbil).

Preface by Cheikh Muqbil (Great scholar of Yemen).

Finally, after having waited so much, Allah gratifies and honors us to be able to present to you the French version of this long-awaited work, the original having been a great success with Arabic speakers. And given the teachings and advice that are listed there, it represents THE ESSENTIAL BOOK FOR EACH SISTER, whether beginner or confirmed, young girl or mother.

"... THEREFORE HERE IS A COUNCIL ADDRESSED TO WOMEN FOLLOW-UP OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Certainly, the duty of advice and invitation to the religion of Allah that is incumbent on the woman towards her sisters is important. And I hope that this book, particularly adapted, will fill the gap in this field. CONCERNING THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOK, it is about Umm 'AbdAllah Al-Waâdi'iya who is versed in many sciences and conforms to the behavior of the Prophet saw ; She is a deserving woman, particularly anxious to occupy her time in a useful way, and to make her sisters benefit from her knowledge. And this is the reason why Allah has blessed the knowledge which she holds. reward for good, improve his situation and make his children pious Muslims, he is certainly capable of anything. " Sheikh Muqbil.

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