Princess box

Princess box

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Child box: 

- Beautiful soft velvet prayer rug of a superior quality, solid color Pink, dimensions 74 x 48 cm, to offer to your child to encourage and motivate him to say his prayer.

Bilingual book (FR-AR) for teach your child daily invocations (douaa) as our prophet (SWS) taught us: Invocation of revival, dawn and evening, dressing, going out, coming home, when we sneezes, when sleeping, ... This book is fully illustrated in color.

- Book I learn to say my prayer for girl 

- Coloring book 

 Delivered Khadîja - The wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) :

This book is divided into 11 parts: 
  • Beginning of Khadija's life. 
  • Khadija hires Prophet Muhammad. 
  • The Syrian company. 
  • Marriage proposal. 
  • Life with Khadija. 
  • Khadija and the first revelation of the Quran. 
  • The first Muslims. 
  • The call to Islam. 
  • The boycott. 
  • End of the boycott. 
  • The year of pain.

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