Box Zaynab

Box Zaynab

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  • Fuchsia pink velvet prayer rug ( 110 x 70cm)
  • Book: My Mother's Bracelet

In this book, I addressed the theme of the mother with a beating heart, the father with overflowing tenderness, but also the teacher who is caring towards his students, brothers who share the mentality and the beat of the heart, the dreams and the hopes , of the friend who beautifies life by his simple presence...

I also spoke of the noble word and that filled with evil, of the greatness and the sweetness which fill the hearts of people, reserving a few words for the illnesses of the soul and the remedies of the hearts...

  • Book: the role of women in family education

A book which deals with the place of the Muslim woman within her home, family relationships and in her education.

  • Grand Musc el Nabil
  • Free ribbon gift wrapping

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