Sarah Box
Sarah Box

Sarah Box

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  • A large prayer rug in a 110 X 70cm format in pink velvet
  • Book "The Women Of The Prophets According To The Koran & The Sunnah" by Ahmed Khalil Jum'ah:
    • This book, which we are pleased to offer you, is the complete and annotated version of this work which tells the most beautiful and poignant stories of the women of the Prophets. This series begins with the story of Hawwâ '(Eve) , wife of Adam, first woman and mother of humanity; it will go through the biography of the beautiful Sârah the wife of the Prophet and close friend of Allah: Ibrâhîm (Abraham), without forgetting Safûrâ (Zippora) the wife of Mûsâ (Moses), Prophet of the people of the children of Israel in whom Allah spoke without intermediary. The simple and profound lessons drawn from these stories contribute to the awakening of Muslim women across the world and through the ages: by enriching their knowledge, but also by helping women reform. , the mother, the wife and the daughter that they are already or are to be
  • Book "The veil of the Muslim woman"
  • Citadel of the Muslim French / Arabic / Phonetic - Light pink color
  • White Rosary
  • 2 strips

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