Box Marwa

Box Marwa

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  • Velvet prayer rug ( 110 x 70cm)
  • The Noble Quran small format in Arabic (pink or red)
  • Koran box (pink or red)
  • Superior quality rosary (pink or red)
  • Book: being a Muslim: Intended mainly for non-Muslims who are interested in Islam and have questions about it, this little book “Being a Muslim” by Said Al Bouti gives a brief and synthetic presentation of what is Islam and what does it mean to be a Muslim?

Book unavailable at the moment: it will be replaced by the book The Obedience of the Messenger

  • Book: The sahabiyyat: This book takes us into the world of the Muslim woman who lived under the benevolent wing of the Messenger of Allah, and who truly constitutes an excellent model for any woman who seeks to imbibe the light of faith, to learn about high morality, to succeed in life as a couple and in the education of their children ,...
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