Aisha, The Mother of Believers

Aisha, The Mother of Believers

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This concise but complete work retraces the life of Aisha, the truthful, daughter of Abû Bakr, the most loved by the Prophet (saw) among his wives after Khadîja. From his birth until his return to the Lord, we based ourselves on the research of the greatest scholars of Islam. She is THE virtuous, pious, devoted, ascetic, pure and purified lady, whom Allah (SWT) has exonerated from the top of the seven Heavens.

This book also describes his family environment, his married life with the best of men, the Messenger of Allah‹. It also paints a complete portrait of Aisha, the most learned woman and best teacher our community has known. His character, his knowledge, his piety, his merits and his religious life are also discussed.

It is also a question in this book of defending the honor of our Mother, which hypocrites and unbelievers have tried to taint; the hypocrites, by the horrible affair of slander, and the disbelievers, by the controversy concerning the young age of Aisha at the time of her blessed marriage.

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